Factors to Consider When Looking for a New Job:

1.  Consider whether you want to spend your whole day in the office or in court.

2.  Consider whether you prefer fast tracked litigation or long drawn out discovery.

3.  Consider whether you like reading through thick files or whether you would prefer handling transactional matters e.g. real estate closings, contract negotiations, etc.

4.  Consider whether you want to work long hours or whether you would like a normal 40-hour work week.

5.  Consider whether you want to practice law or whether you wish to pursue an alternative or non-traditional attorney role.

Factors to Consider When Job Searching While Employed:

1.  Make a list of the pros and cons of your current job.

2.  Examine company benefits e.g. health insurance, vacation time, reimbursement for attorney registration fees and continuing education classes

3.  Consider how much you are willing to negotiate on salary and whether you are willing to take a decrease in salary in pursuit of your dream job.

4.  Honestly evaluate your current job stability and the potential stability of your prospective new employer.

5.  What will you miss about your current job?

6.  Consider whether your current job makes you irritable and depressed.

7.  Evaluate how much your current job affects your personal life.

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